Auxiliary of the United Transportation Union
Scholarship Fund Winners
The members of the Auxiliary Scholarship Fund Board met in Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, April 17, 2009. Auxiliary members submitted 73 scholarship applications for the 2009-2010 school year. The Board is required by the Internal Revenue Service to "spend" at least five percent of our average annual net worth on the charitable purpose (namely scholarships) annually. The board must award ten (10) Auxiliary scholarships in order to meet our IRS obligations. The scholarships were awarded through a random drawing in the presence of UTU Associate General Counsel Kevin C. Brodar and the board members. The following are the winners of the 2009-2010 Auxiliary scholarships. Winners are listed in the order the application was drawn. Congratulations to the scholarship winners! The Auxiliary of the UTU is proud to be able to help in the education of our Auxiliary family members.

2009-2010 Auxiliary Scholarship Winners:

Benjamin Tracy
randson of Marilyn McDonald, Lodge 456, Lincoln, Nebraska

Marisa Frisby
Granddaughter of Helen Frisby, Lodge 565, Toledo, Ohio

Tiffany Koehler
Granddaughter of Mae Parker, Lodge 771, Needles, California

Jessica White
Daughter of Linda White, Lodge 803, Jacksonville, Florida

Jesse Sorum
Grandson of Lois Sorum Lodge 933, Jefferson City, Missouri

Kelly Baer
Granddaughter or Ruth Northup, Lodge 456, Lincoln, Nebraska

Phillip Bay
Son of La Donna Bay, Lodge 771, Needles, California

Clint Elmore
Grandson of Betty Lively, Lodge 642, El Paso, Texas

Laura Gibbon
Daughter of Christy Gibbon, Lodge 170, Fort Worth, Texas

Cory Brewer
Grandson of Rose Brewer, Lodge 500, Indianapolis, Indiana