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Auxiliary of the United Transportation Union

The Auxiliary of the UTU is an organization of persons of all ages (16 years and over) related to members of the UTU or Auxiliary.

Membership in the Auxiliary will bring an association with people of similar interests. It will help you to better understand the work of the UTU and the importance of the union to your spouse or relative's job.

The Auxiliary of the UTU is nonsectarian and non-partisan. As a member of a subordinate lodge in the United States and Canada, you will have an opportunity to participate in community affairs and become informed on important legislation affecting railroad, and bus families.

The purpose of the Auxiliary of the United Transportation Union is to:

  • Unite the families of the United Transportation Union;
  • Promote their welfare, socially, morally, and intellectually;
  • Promote the professionalism of our lodge by securing educational development processes and speakers of interest.
  • Increase the understanding of various railway and bus issues.
  • Further the acceptability and the understanding of legislative issues.
  • Provide a forum of exploration and aspects of interest and encourage exchanges of information among members.

Membership Eligibility:

  • A spouse or relative of a member of the UTU or Auxiliary in good standing, or of a deceased member who was in good standing at the time of death.
  • Employees of the United Transportation Union at the International.
  • Ladies who held membership in Auxiliaries to the former Brotherhoods which merged into the United Transportation Union.


  • United Transportation Union members and United Transportation Union retirees.

The Auxiliary supports UTU PAC
The UTU Political Action Committee (UTU PAC) is the UTU's voluntary legislative and political arm.

Members of the Auxiliary support UTU's efforts to help its friends in Congress and in the state legislatures by donating some of their time and proceeds of fund-raising events to this important cause.

Through UTU PAC, we work to help those people who recognize the problems which affect railroad and bus workers and their families, and who will work toward enacting laws which will protect our interests.

  • UTU PAC contributes to qualified state and national political candidates, regardless of party affiliation.
  • UTU PAC protects the interests of active and retired members and safeguards laws, working conditions, and pension rights.
  • UTU PAC has well-organized advisory committees in 47 states and an office in Washington, D. C. 

Assisting the community
Members of the Auxiliary and its subordinate lodges also work to assist the less fortunate in their communities by working directly with charitable organizations or through monetary donations. In the past few years, the Auxiliary has worked with the Habitat for Humanity on a national level and other charitable organizations on the local level.

For a brief history of the Auxiliary, click on the link below: