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Landfall Travel
Official Travel Agent of UTU Alumni Association

The UTU has just signed a deal with Landfall American Express Travel to offer members of the UTU Alumni Association great deals on travel.

UTU Alumni Association members are automatically enrolled in the UTU Travelers' Club, which sponsors excursions geared to the interests of retirees. The union's new association with Landfall American Express Travel now opens up a world of travel opportunities for Travelers’ Club members.

UTU Alumni Association members are being asked to log onto Landfall American Express Travel's Web site (www.landfalltravel.com/UTU.html) so they can fill out a questionnaire about their travel wants and needs.

With this data, the UTU will be able to offer Travelers’ Club members the travel opportunities they seek, from all-inclusive resorts to cruises, from motorcoach tours of the Southwest to cruises of the New England coastline.

The UTU anticipates offering its Alumni Association members two to three group-travel opportunities a year so they can meet, enjoy their vacations and have fun.

Landfall American Express Travel, through its partnership with American Express (the largest purchaser of travel products in the world), is able to offer the lowest airline and leisure fares in the industry, even lower than any fare found online.

UTU Alumni Association members, as well as active UTU members, can save time and money on personal and business travel by dealing with the professionals at Landfall American Express Travel.

To contact Landfall American Express Travel, call toll-free (800) 835-9233, email “travel@landfalltravel.com” or write them at 14724 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, OH 44107.